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Got a popular website, blog or just tons of Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Check out our video marketplace. Simply share our videos and make from a few cents up to few bucks per each view. No coding skills required, just share videos and make money.
You can make as much as a few thousands dollars per month.

What kind of content do I need to share?

There are two things you can do. You can either place our player on some of your pages and it will automatically pick and play top-paid ad videos from our network based on your site category and your visitors location.
Browse our directory of indie paid and ad supported videos. We have thousands of videos on a variety of topics - how-tos, education, indie movies etc. You can share any video and get a commission from its sales and ads. Embed it to your site, share on Facebook, Twitter or even email it to your friend. All links are unique so we will calculate your commission based on number of views you gathered.

Check our player experiences:

Paid Video
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Publish Paid Videos

Publish paid video & get paid for each purchase
Free Video
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Share Free Videos

Share or embed ad-supported video & get paid for each view
Ad Video
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Embed Ad Player

Embed our Auto ad player with that picks top-paying ads automatically

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How can I get my money?

You can track your earnings and views in realtime. We wire or paypal money any time you request withdraw(there is $10 minimum)

How is this better than Google AdWords and other ad networks?

We pay more. Our fee is just 10% (industry's lowest) and the rest goes to you.

We are a small indie company that helps other small businesses(indie movie makers, bloggers) to make money and become self-sustainable.

Video is just so much funnier to watch compared to reading text or banner ads. We work hard to keep our player simple and unobtrusive.

No credit card required. Takes 60 seconds to start using. Or take a quick tour

So why not try Videolla!?

Again: Its free and secure. No commitment. No risk.

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