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Start making serious money with your video

Introducing the most simple and profitable way to make money off your videos

You simply upload your video to Videolla and set price for it or insert ads into the video. Its simple and free. You will not need any coding skills. Just register, upload your videos and pick if you want to sell them or place ads.

Great for: Educational, how-to videos, indie movies and more! Arrow-bordo-r

Online video player you've been looking for

Paid Video
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Paid Videos

Viewer is asked to pay to continue watching after a few seconds preview
Free Video
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Mid-roll video ads

Place mid-roll video ads in defined periods

Once you upload your videos, we will show them in our online video player. You can take it anywhere - to your site, blog, Facebook or Twitter. Depending on your settings viewers will be offered to buy full version of your videos or view it with ads. Either way you will get paid on each view. You are free to change your pricing and ads settings at any time

No credit card required. Takes 60 seconds to start using. Or take a quick tour

“Videolla is the most affordable monetization tool for video. And they even offer free plans!”
— Alex, BetterVideo Arrow-bordo

Your video — your rules.

You are in full control of your videos. You can specify access options: rental periods, subscriptions, downloads, set any price in any currency and timing for ads. And of course we will provide you full real-time statistics for your video - views, ads, sales, publishers and everything else.

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You have content — we've got the distribution network

Thousands of publishers will notice once your video gets published. If you add commission to your video they will be happy to share it on their sites, blogs, Facebook or Twitter streams. We automatically track all shares and calculate payouts for you and your publishers. Feel free to invite your friends to become Videolla publisher - its simple and free. Together we can do more.

Is anyone going to pay for my videos?

You don't know unless you try. We don't know either. But we know that every day viewers buy hundreds of videos for $1-200 each (yes! some of them are very rare and expensive) and watch millions of videos with ads. So our producers makes thousands dollars every month instead of posting to YouTube and making Google richer :) We believe you should try our solution too - its risk and commitment free.

Can you show us our competitors please?

We are small employee-owned company that is very serious about offering industry leading solution for industry lowest price. Yes, we are a very aggressive discounter when it comes to prices. If you can point us to a competitor who offers any of our services(video hosting, video sales, placing video ads) for less, we will beat their offer. We are so confident in our prices since we spent months looking for cheaper alternatives and now know that we are the most affordable solution.

So try Videolla today!

Again: Its free and secure. No long-term commitment. No risk.

1. Publish Your Video

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2. Pick monetization model

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