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Its that simple: just add a link to your YouTube video(or upload it to us) and set set your maximum bid per view or click. You video will be

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No credit card required. Takes 60 seconds to start using. Or take a quick tour Arrow-bordo-r

Keep your budget under control

You can start with a $1 budget and increase it anytime. You will never pay more than your max bid per view, often much less. Our auction system determines if your video ad should be shown based on your bid and other bids with similar keywords, geo targeting etc. For example if your bid was $10 and the maximum amoung others bid was just 1 ¢ you will only pay 2 ¢ for that view.

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You can set your daily budget limits and track your spendings and views in realtime.

Why is Videolla pricing so great for advertisers?

You don't overpay to show your video.

We take just 10% of your money(industry lowest fee!) while 90% goes to networks of indie movie producers, bloggers, site owners.

There are no middlemen or consultants in between. Our system is so simple to use. You will love it!

Enterprise video ads networks similar to Videolla often cost thousands of dollars for setup and require 5-6 figur campaign budgets. We cost $0 and min budget is just $1.

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